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Age Range: 14-22 

Mandatory ZOOM Info Session: Sunday, May 19th, 2024, 4:30pmEST 


Mandatory IN PERSON Orientation: Friday, June 14th, 7pm 


The internship offers a comprehensive learning and work experience across various aspects of Photoworks’ operations. 




Summer Camp Interns: During the summer months (June - August) Photoworks offers special internships to work with youth attending summer camps. Interns assigned to these positions collaborate with teaching staff to facilitate PW camp activities and assist campers aged 5-17 in various activities and lessons. Typically, Summer Camp Interns assist in the following:


  • Attend orientation prior to the start of summer camp

  • Supervise and assist campers during class time 

  • Assist in cleaning and maintaining the darkroom facilities

  • Escort campers during outdoor activities

  • Assist in general clean-up duties

  • Assist in setting up and breaking down gallery exhibitions

  • Participate in mentor training sessions


Camp and event hours may vary but we expect commitment to specific time slots. 

Final schedules will be set depending on availability of participants. 

Morning Session

Afternoon Session 


Non-camp Intern activities (Please let us know if you’re interested in any of these fields): 


  • Marketing: Making informative/documentary videos for the monthly newsletter 

  • Work with Mari Calai, the 2024 Artist in Residence, and assist her preparing for her upcoming exhibition

  • Assist with hanging up and taking down gallery exhibitions and pop up shows


Understanding Photoworks role in the community: The intern is expected to grasp the institution’s overarching goals, including its brand identity, target patrons, product/service objectives, and overall mission.


Rotating Responsibilities: The intern will have the opportunity to gain exposure to different sections within the organization. This rotational aspect allows interns to understand various functions and contribute ideas for improvement across different areas of its operation.


Tailored internships and project work:  Photoworks will customize internships based on the capabilities and backgrounds of the interns  - thus ensuring that assignments are appropriate and engaging for each individual. For example, high school students’ assignments may focus on foundational skills development, exploration of different artistic mediums, and fostering creativity in a supportive environment. 


On the other hand, college students may be challenged with more advanced techniques, conceptual thinking, and professional development opportunities relevant to their level of experience and future career goals.


Photoworks will provide clear expectations and support throughout the internship thus ensuring that all residents feel valued and empowered to explore their creative potential to the fullest extent.


Patron engagement: Interacting with board members, patrons, teachers, students, and Photoworks’ potential supporters is a crucial aspect of the internship. This may involve providing services, addressing inquiries or concerns, and potentially participating in promotional activities.


Process improvement: The intern is encouraged to provide suggestions for enhancing both Photoworks’ services and internal processes. This aspect emphasizes the institution’s commitment to continuous public service improvement and efficiency.


Safe work environment: During the residency interns may encounter varying forms of artistic expressions which could include depictions of nudity and other potentially sensitive content. This exposure is a common aspect of the artistic community and is intended to foster a diverse and inclusive environment that encourages exploration and dialogue about different perspectives and artistic styles.


In that context, one of Photoworks’s priorities is to provide a safe and comfortable working environment for all its staff and volunteers, ensuring that boundaries are respected at all times. 




High-school or college students may apply for the position. 


Personal qualifications: the position requires a positive demeanor and a service oriented attitude, as well as the following abilities: 


  • Relationship building: Interacting with the public provides opportunities to build positive relations with patrons and foster stronger community connections.


  • Problem solving: A service-oriented attitude is crucial for effectively addressing patrons’ inquiries, concerns or complaints. Interns who approach these situations with empathy and  willingness to help can often find satisfactory solutions.


  • Team collaboration: Interns with a collaborative attitude can work effectively with colleagues to achieve common goals.


Software proficiency: Interns are expected to be familiar with basic software skills such as: 


  • Google sheets and docs 

  • Email and Communication tools

  • Internet Browsing



During the internship, it will be essential for the intern to adhere to the institution's policies regarding attendance, sick leave, time off, and resignation. 

  • Being on time: Punctuality is a fundamental aspect of professionalism during an internship. Adhering to the daily schedule agreed upon with your supervisor is important as it shows reliability, respect of other’s times, maximizes productivity, builds trust and respect.


  • Sick leave:  If interns are unable to work due to illness, they should promptly notify their supervisor as soon as possible and/or provide necessary documentation, such as a doctor's note, if required.


  • Time Off: If interns need to take planned time off for personal reasons or other commitments, they should request time off in advance following the institution's procedures. This may involve notifying their supervisor directly.


  • Resignation: If interns decide to resign from the internship before the end of their internship, they should provide formal notice to the institution one week in advance. This typically involves submitting a resignation letter to their supervisor stating the effective date of resignation and reasons for leaving. It will be important to handle resignations professionally and respectfully to maintain positive relationships and uphold professional integrity.


Overall, clear communications and adherence to the institution’s policies regarding attendance, sick leave, time off, and resignation are essential for a successful internship experience.


Contract Agreement to sign at orientation: 


I, _________________ acknowledge that I have been given a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience by participating in Photoworks Internship program. I have reviewed the program

requirements and expectations and am confident in my ability to meet them. 


I agree that I will abide by all Photoworks practices, policies and

procedures and will familiarize myself with them. I also

understand that at no time during this appointment should I portray myself as a representative of Photoworks and I am not authorized to act on Photoworks behalf in any capacity.


I acknowledge that during the course of this appointment I will have access to certain proprietary information and processes, and I will not divulge them to anyone without expressed written permission from Photoworks.


At the end of my appointment, I shall return any and all Photoworks owned materials to Photoworks in a timely manner.








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