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A Walk in the Park


Photoworks is fortunate to have a national treasure in our own backyard, the glorious Chesapeake & Ohio Canal, and the Potomac River. This National Historical Park is a true treasure in the DMV area. This exhibitions captures the rich and diverse wildlife and the dynamic landscapes that exist within the DMV area. Scroll down to view the exhibition.

About Barbara: 

With an MFA in digital arts and a M.Ed. in education, Barbara utilizes her experience in both areas to integrate aesthetic form with social advocacy, offering creative environmental portraiture and photography workshops. Barbara’s work explores how the lens inspires the journey, how the photographic image evokes and conveys meaning, creating and recreating stories and memories beyond the frame.

   "As an artist, I use photography to share ideas through the synthesis of light, imagination, and technology. As an educator, my goals are to teach not only the technical aspects of creating a solid body of work and preparing for exhibition, but also and most importantly, how to come to terms with precisely what the students hope to express and how to authentically share their ideas with the most impact."

Misty Canal 
Richard Batch
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