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Telling your Story

Eight Artists, Eight Stories

Photo Projects from a 2020 Photoworks Class with Ernesto Bazan.


About Ernesto:

Ernesto Bazan was born in Palermo, Italy. He received his first camera when he was fourteen year old and began photographing his native city and some rural areas of Sicily. Since then photography has been more than a profession: a true passion, a mission in his life.


In 2002, Ernesto Bazan created his own photographic workshops providing special emphasis in Latin America. His personal and unique teaching skills have been providing a great  source of inspiration to many of his students.

He’s the author of several books including: The Perpetual Past (1982), and Passing Through(1993). In 2008, he founded BazanPhotos Publishing with his students and began self-publishing his books that include BazanCuba (2008), Al Campo (2011), Isla (2014), and Before You Grow Up (2017). He has also helped some of his best students self-publish their books with BPP.

His photographs have been exhibited in Europe, Latin America, and the United States and remain in private and permanent collections including The Museum of Modern Art, New York; the International Center for Photography, New York; The Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; and the Biblioteque Nationale in Paris, France.

Featured Artists

Guillermo Hakim


Karen Keating 

Joan Lederer 

Marc Pfeiffer 

Monica Sawyer 

Rebecca Wiltshire 

Chantale Wong 

Carolina Zumaran-Jones 

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