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Steps and Practice of Photo Criticism


In Person



7:30 PM
9:30 PM






About the Course

This class practices the steps of photo criticism. Focusing on your personal set of photographs, in process or completed, we will describe the content of each image, the sequence of images and go beyond the words "I like... " and introduce a structured method for creating a meaningful sequence. The book, "Criticizing Photographs" by Terry Barrett will be the reference for assessing your set of images. Your project may be a work in process or a completed project.

Your Instructor

Karen Keating

RAB Self Portrait for Photoworks - Richa

Karen Keating
Karen recently retired from the Field School in Washington, DC, after 30 years as their Photography Teacher. She is the Executive Director and a teacher at Photoworks.

Karen was a recipient of a Maryland State Arts Council grant; published her photo book, “Cuba: Watching and Waiting” in 2008 and received the Center’s 2010 Teaching Award. Fine art photography in the genre of street shooting and documentary defines her style.

At Photoworks she teaches Visual Poetry, Close to Home, and various camps for youth.

" I want the students to fall in love with the idea of visual communication and exploration – to love to make photos! I encourage my students to photograph what they know and who they are. I believe in the power of a small, trusting community for critiquing and in the process of dialogue with students. Teaching is a passion for me."

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