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Digital Editing & Printing with Photoshop and Lightroom


In Person



9:30 AM
12:00 PM






About the Course

Learn the basic skillsets of Photoshop & Lightroom. Learn to edit your images in your favorite program to maximize the potential of your image. We also cover: calibrating your monitor, choosing a paper & choosing a printer. We print in class. Lots of instructional handouts.

Your Instructor

Richard Batch

RAB Self Portrait for Photoworks - Richa

Richard has taught Digital Photography I and II, Digital Printing I and II, Kids Camps, Meet & Shoot, Smartphone Photography, The Negative, and Developing a Personal Style. In 2021 he is introducing The Art of Photography, a class that discusses the elements of great photographs and applies them to current work.

He shoots pictures of life happening, and recently produced a book of somewhat surreal and unusual photographs, Twilight in the Void. Richard’s photography was influenced by Richard Avedon, both his portrait and candid work, both of which showed people being vividly alive. He enjoys passing on what he has learned, helping people become better photographers with less effort.

“I aim to make it easier for my students to achieve what they want, not only by presenting techniques I'm teaching, but by helping with any specific area that interests them. This helps to broaden the scope of the class, and benefits other students (and sometimes me) as well."

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