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Walter Plotnick

Surprise inside series | CIRCUS SERIES

December 15 - february 4


Online Artist Talk

Photoworks is delighted to host acclaimed photographer Walter Plotnick for a solo exhibition of work opening December 16th, 2023 in our gallery.

Read more about his work below: 

Surprise Inside Series 

My photographic collages serve as a metaphor for anticipation, those moments when the unknown is being revealed.


The implied act of opening the boxes, releases the occupants, allowing them to take flight. The people and objects confined within, through the simple act of unfolding, are exposed revealing what was previously hidden. I try to convey excitement, and energy in images that are playful, expressive, and nostalgically bring the viewer back to the joyful moments of anticipation felt in childhood.


The sense of nostalgia evoked in the graphic synthesis of these images is augmented using a wash of warm sepia tones. There is also a visual correlation between inhabitants of the boxes and the boxes themselves. The unusual and dissimilar combination of people and cardboard boxes is visually unified through the repetition of angles. Despite pairing such disparate elements, I bring them together harmoniously to form images with visual impact, and are frankly, fun to look at.


Circus Series

Acrobats, with little or no technology, take us to the outer limits of skill and daring using only the human body. Together, they offer us a thrilling picture of what we can do when we have the faith to leap forward to the next level.



Walter Plotnick


Mr. Plotnick is a USA photo-based artist who lives and works in the Philadelphia, PA area. He received his MFA from University of the Arts and BFA from Tyler School of Art.  Mr. Plotnick is a Lecturer in the Fine Art Department at Penn State University/Abington. 


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