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Say What You Mean

with Joe Cameron

Session 1: Mar 5 - Apr 30 (No Class Apr 2)

Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm 

Session 2: June 4 - July 30 (No Class Jul 2) 

Saturdays 10 am - 1 pm 

This seminar, for intermediate and advanced photographers, is focused on exploring content at deeper levels and developing a practice that is consistent and productive.


More info: Minimum age 18. 8 sessions.



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Developing a Personal Style

with Richard Batch 

March 10 - May 5 (No Class April 14) 

Thursdays, 7 - 9pm

Skill Level intermediate - advanced. 

Review and try styles of famous photographers/painters to blend into a style for you, or get help using your existing style on more photos. All photos critiqued.  Instruction on editing and printing your photos in Lightroom and/or Photoshop.


More Info: Minimum age 18. 8 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required) 


Photography - History, Technology, Aesthetics, 1830-2022

with Stephen Greenberg 

March 22 - April 12

Tuesdays 7:30 - 9pm 

This survey course for beginner to intermediate students will present an integrated view of the development of photography from the earliest photograms to the digital word. In particular, it will focus on the history of purely technical developments (cameras, processes, reproduction), and how they affected and were affected by individual practitioners (Daguerre, Cameron, Stieglitz, Steichen, Bourke-White, Parks), “art” movements (surrealism, pop art, minimalism), and outside historical events (wars, economic depression, social movements). Class will pay particular attention to issues of race and gender on both sides of the lens.


More info: Minimum age 16. 4 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required) 

Eliot Cohen-Camera class - Eliot Cohen.jpg

All About the Light 

with Eliot Cohen

April 6 - April 27

Wednesdays 10am-12pm

Natural light has many characteristics. It can illuminate, but also convey mood or feeling. Light can be beautiful but it can complicate what we are trying to express. Our class will be about using natural light to best advantage in our images. We will consider the light in the scene and how it is represented in our files. Student files can be shared in dropbox. New shooting or existing is appropriate. Students should have comfort with the Lightroom Classic Develop module. Suitable for intermediate or advanced students.


More info: Minimum age 18. 4 sessions.




Darkness + Time 

with Page Carr

June 12 - July 24 (Meets every other weekend, No class on 6/19, 7/3, and 7/17) 

Sundays 11am-1:30pm

Explore the possibilities and implications of photography in near darkness and with long exposures. Look at historical and contemporary artists for ideas and share creative work in group critiques. Students should have a digital camera and tripod and know how to apply EV compensation in Manual mode. Readings and technical notes will be provided.  Meets once every two weeks.


More info:  Minimum age 18. 4 sessions.




Finding Your Voice

with Karen Keating 

July 6 - July 27 

Wednesday 7 - 9pm

Class will begin with visual and verbal conversations about voice, influences, and content. Photographing in the Park will be the first evening’s exploration as well as students showing their images.  Weekly assignments and a discussion of critiquing procedures and practices.  Digital or film prints.  This is not a tech class. 


More info: Minimum age 18.

4 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)