Vision Classes

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Photographic Surrealism 

with Robb Hill

December 1st - January 12th

Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

Surrealism is about tapping into the subconscious to make images. Through readings and assignments, we will explore ways to embrace chance, dreams, and create realities into your image making. Surrealism is not “being weird” it is a method of expression that challenges traditional, rational thought. More info: Minimum age 18. 6 sessions.


In Person (masks and vaccinations required) 


Walk in the Footsteps of a Master Photographer

with Karen Keating

January 3rd - February 7th

Mondays 7:30pm-9:30pm

The first meeting is a discussion of Master Photographers covering early masters and current working photographers.  Students will receive guidelines and suggestions one week before the class start date.  The focus begins with student discussion of the “masters” signature content, quality of light and impact on the history of photography.  Each student chooses a photographer to shadow and steps into his or her content, composition and quality of light.  Weekly discussions center on the students’ images in the style of the chosen “master”.  The final class is a set of each student’s photos influenced by the master. More Info: Minimum age 18. 6 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required) 

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Projects and Practices - Understand Your Method 

with Scott Davis 

January 5th - February 9th

Wednesdays 7pm-9pm

A guided exercise for developing an understanding of how we approach our photographic practice and how to apply that to being more effective in our photographic projects. We will use the Sasha Wolf book, “Photo Work: Forty Photographers on Process and Practice” as a textbook and begin a personal project. More Info: Minimum age 18. 6 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required) 

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All About the Light 

with Eliot Cohen

February 2nd- February 23rd

Wednesdays 10am-12pm

Natural light has many characteristics. It can illuminate, but also convey mood or feeling. Light can be beautiful but it can complicate what we are trying to express. Our class will be about using natural light to best advantage in our images. We will consider the light in the scene and how it is represented in our files. Student files can be shared in dropbox. New shooting or existing is appropriate. Students should have comfort with the Lightroom Classic Develop module. Suitable for intermediate or advanced students. More info: Minimum age 18. 4 sessions.