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BOOK Unposed Craig Semetko forward by Elliott Erwitt


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BOOK Unposed Craig Semetko forward by Elliott Erwitt

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Gayle Rothschild

In the book’s forward, iconic photographer Elliott Erwin writes, “Good photographs are tough enough to shoot. Really funny ones are even harder. Good and funny photographs observed in nature not arranged or manipulated but simply observed in real time with amazing consistency, constitute a minor miracle now presented in Mr. Semetko’s book…In my book, he is the essential photographer. That is, the one who sees what others could not have seen.”

Inspired by Cartier-Bresson, Robert Frank, and Elliott Erwitt, Craig Semetko is a collector of the spontaneous moment. With an uncanny knack for using Leica Cameras to capture the beautiful and unexpected that surrounds us all, Semetko offers a striking collection of imagery shot during 10 years of traveling around the world, from Edinburgh to Amsterdam, France to Los Angeles, Hanoi to Bangkok, and beyond.

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