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Listening to the Silence
stephen Greenberg 

Jan 13th - March 5th

Reception | Sat, Jan 14th, 5-9pm

This exhibition, with its images and verse, is an attempt to differentiate between History and Memory. “History” is defined here as the more-or-less “official” account of the world, as given to us by some external authority. It is represented here by images of oddly anonymous war monuments, all within 75 miles of the Photoworks Gallery. In contrast, “Memory” is made up of the signposts and benchmarks we find or make for ourselves.  Again, the images are local; all were taken within 30 miles of the gallery.


History and Memory are very different, but they can share one great attribute: an overwhelming silence, from which we try to discern a personal meaning and understanding of events that are always beyond our control. Recognizing that silence (it cannot be truly captured or reproduced in any medium) was the goal in creating this work.



Stephen Greenberg is a photographer, historian, rare book librarian, writer, and teacher based in Aspen Hill, Maryland. Born and educated in New York City, he relocated to Maryland thirty years ago. He recently retired from a curatorial position in a large federal library, and has become something of a fixture in the Photoworks community.

Individual framed images (archival inkjet prints, 13x19 framed) are available at a cost of $200 each. A hardbound catalogue containing all of the verse and images, as displayed in the gallery, is available for $150. Click HERE to purchase a print or book. 


All proceeds from sales will be shared by Photoworks (a 501c3 entity) and the Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research.


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