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Black & White Student Exhibition

September 8th - October 15th

Opening Reception: Sept 8th, 7-9pm

We are excited to showcase work from our silver gelatin darkroom students! Featuring the following photographers:
Anna Bernstein, Claire Courtois, Cynthia Cobb, Nicolas Polo,
Allison Marrill, and Shawn Miller. 

Anna Bernstein is an amateur photographer based in DC. She began learning film photography through classes at Glen Echo last year, in an effort to develop more skills outside of a (slightly stressful) work environment and quickly grew to love the processes of developing and printing. Her work ranges from landscapes to city scenes to portraits of friends (and sometimes, their pets).

Cynthia Cobb is an amateur photographer based in Bethesda and Shady Side, Maryland.  She was first introduced to black and white photography in the late 1980s and early 1990s, taking photo classes, and spending much of her free time photographing landscapes, friends, architecture etc, and enjoying processing her prints in a darkroom. But as with many people, life got in the way –career, marriage, two children, digital cameras– and film photography fell by the wayside.  Fast forward to 2022 and retirement, she decided to dust off her now vintage 35mm Nikon film camera and try her hand at taking black and white photographs again. Results were not as good as she wanted so she enrolled in a B&W printing and developing class at Photoworks to see if she could do better. She is still learning but is definitely getting hooked again and most importantly, she is having fun.

Allison Marill is a photographer based in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of DC. Allison was first introduced to film photography in high school in Atlanta and was excited to rekindle her interest in it 12 years later through classes at Glen Echo. Allison enjoys photographing cities and unique structures, and playing with shadows, geometry, and perspective. Allison is early in her photographic journey and looks forward to experimenting further.

Shawn Miller is a Washington, D.C.-based photographer, currently at the Library of Congress. Outside his professional work, Shawn’s current personal project explores the post-industrial landscapes of his native northeastern Pennsylvania, using large format film to examine our relationship with the remains and rewilding of land ravaged by extractive industry and often looked over in comparison to the classic landscapes of the American West. Shawn began his professional photographic journey in 2007, and after brief stints at a small-town newspaper and wedding photography and an enlistment as a U.S. Army photographer, joined the dark side in PR communications.

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