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Artist in Residence 2024

Mari calai


We are thrilled to announce Mari Calai as the 2024 Photoworks Artist in Residence!

Thank you to everyone who applied to this year's AIR program. We received an exceptional field of applicants with more applications than we ever expected. We want to acknowledge the hard work, focus and dedication you contributed to your applications!

Mari's residency is from March 1st - August 31st and her exhibition will be from Sept 20th - November 11th. Stay tuned for upcoming events and workshops with her! Read more about her below:


"When creating pieces that are aesthetically self-sufficient and true to my visual language, my hope is to also challenge viewers to think beyond what is immediately perceptible. Each of my photos, paintings or collages tell a story as I approach my craft with a life-long learning lens. While making cyanotypes, silver gelatin and platinum palladium prints, oil paintings and collages, I use different mediums, from vintage film cameras to digital cameras, handmade papers, canvases, wood, memorabilia, oils, charcoal and ink. The media and techniques often change based on my project, but my curiosity and passion to create remain the same. I welcome experimentation, especially in alternative photographic processes, since imperfection plays an integral part in my work. My latest work embodies kintsugi, the Japanese art of putting pieces together using gold emphasizing the beauty of imperfection.

I was born and raised in Romania, but I have lived in Italy, S. Korea, and now reside on the East Coast of the United States. I have an inherent curiosity about life and cultures that I utilize in my art, and mostly the unseen magic around us."

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