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2020 Unmasked

Artist Talk

Join us on Wednesday, February 9th at 7pm 
and hear from the makers of "2020 Unmasked."
View their stories and their photographs below.
View the virtual Artist Talk to the right. 

2020 UNMASKED features photographs and personal reflections from a cross-section of individuals.

From three cities and three different perspectives, the intent is that 2020 UNMASKED is a retrospective that lifts the veil on times and places not easily seen, with a view that is rare and remarkable. View their stories and their photographs below. 

Meet the team


Susan Baggett is a travel and street photographer based in Boston.  Her work was included in a recent exhibition at the International Center of Photography in New York City, and in the book from the exhibition, #ICPConcerned: Global Images for Global Crisis.  Susan’s photography also appears in a documentary book, Transition, as well as in corporate and private collections.  She recently received an Honorable Mention in the International Photography Awards 2021 for her street photography.  

Susan Baggett.png
DC Oct17, 2020b-0294-2.jpg

Robin Fader, based in Washington, DC, is a multi-Emmy award-winning commercial producer and photographer.  Her photos have been featured on CBS Sunday Morning with Jane Pauley, Canadian Broadcast News, Washingtonian Magazine, Bethesda Magazine, Shutter Magazine, Michigan Today, on NBC Washington, DC and in Transition, a documentary photography book. Exhibitions include: International Center of Photography, NYC, Photoworks at Glen Echo Photo Slam 2021, Rise up.BLM Photo Exhibition 2021, Washington, DC and the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award Exhibition, FotoNostrum Gallery, Barcelona 2022. She has been named winner of the documentary photography category by the 17th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers.

Robin Fader.png
_VAM1840 (2).jpg

Victor A. Mirontschuk, based in New York City, is an award-winning architect and photographer whose photography has been featured in many architectural trade publications, the Times of India, National Geographic Your Shot, USA Today, and was honored to have two of his images selected by Ken Burns in a national competition. In July 2019, his work was exhibited at the Foley Gallery in New York as part of a two man show. His work has also appeared in the Allegany National Art Competition and Exhibit in 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2020. His work also appears in Transition, a documentary photography book published by Focus on the Story. 

Victor Mirontschuk.png

Ari Espay, based in New York City, is a Chilean award-winning photographer. Ari has shot documentary pieces, campaigns and editorial essays for magazines in the US and South America, including: Architectural Digest, Vogue Latin America, Gatopardo, Que Pasa, and ED. For 10 years, he taught photography workshops for National Geographic and their legendary photographers including Joe McNally, Bob Sacha, Ira Block, VII's agency Ed Kashi and Magnum's David Alan Harvey. He has worked and traveled in more than 40 countries.

Ari Espay.png
1   2020Unmasked_Sizzle_jpeg.jpg

Danielle Hernandez is a multiracial creator, designer, and strategist for social good with experience in the corporate, academic, and nonprofit sectors. She received her BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University and MFA in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts, a graduate program that makes use of the design process to bring about positive social change. She is particularly invested in centering women and BIPOC in her work. 

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