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Advanced Darkroom Photography 

with Peter Kozloski  

Class 2: Tuesday, Nov 29 - Feb 7 

6-10pm (No Class Dec 27) 

This course is for experienced black and white film photographers who want to fine tune their camera and darkroom techniques.  Topics will include advanced metering and exposure techniques, film processing strategies, and making fine art prints in the darkroom. We will feature regular special guests who will share their photography journeys and areas of specialization.


PREREQUISITE: Intro to Black and White Darkroom Photography or prior darkroom experience. Skill level: intermediate to advanced. Supplies needed: working film camera of any format, black and white film, black and white photo paper. 


More info:  Minimum age 16. 

10 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required) 


The Zone System - Mastering Film Exposure and Developing 

with Peter Kozloski and Scott Davis

Class 2: Jan 26-Feb 9

Thursdays, 6 - 9pm

Black & White Photography This course will teach you the fundamentals of the Zone System to evaluate the scene you are photographing and make the best exposure to match your artistic vision and the contrast range of your subject.  Topics will include understanding film mechanics and chemistry, contrast range, tonal categories and zones, light metering and exposure, film processing techniques, and densitometry. Intermediate/advanced skill level.


More info:  Minimum age  16.

3 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)

1GlenEchoNightPortraits FrankVanRiper.jpg

Glen Echo Night Portraits

with Frank Van Riper

Dec 1 - 8

Thursdays, 7 - 9:30pm

Follow-up to Frank’s always-popular Night Photo workshops: Use Glen Echo’s colorful neon-lit shadows to create wondrous backdrops for portraits, under the direction of lighting guru Frank Van Riper. Costumes and props welcome—this is a class where YOU are the art director. All levels welcome.


More info: Minimum age 18. 2 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)


Mastering the Flash - On and Off Camera

with Robb Hill 

Jan 11 - Feb 15

Wednesdays, 7 - 9pm

This class is for photographers who want to improve their lighting techniques through the use of compact flash units.  Using a variety of lighting situations you will learn to use an “on camera” flash as a fill light, the main light source, and how to use wireless multi strobe set-ups.

Minimum Age 15.  6 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)

Studio Lighting Workshop 

with Frank Van Riper 

Jan 21 - 22

Saturday & Sunday, 11am - 4pm

This hands-on workshop will explore the basics of studio lighting equipment and techniques. We will transform Photoworks into two functioning studio environments for portraits, products, and still life with backgrounds, stands, monolights and power pack lights, common light modifiers (including softboxes, reflectors, umbrellas, etc.), and triggers for most common cameras. Skill level: intermediate to advanced. Supplies needed: recommended to bring a working mirrorless, DSLR, or film camera.

More info: Minimum age 16.

2 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)


Photographers' Voice 

with Karen Keating

Jan 25 - March 1 

Wednesdays, 7pm - 9:30pm

A course for students who have developed basic photographical skills (digital or film) and have focused content and a desire to build the depth and scope of the chosen content. Working in a community of photographers each photographer will share content depth, practice critique skills and write an artist statement for their set of images. Visiting artists will show portfolios and share their steps and approaches to self-directed portfolios. Film or Digital.

More info: Minimum age 21. 6 sessions


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)


Photoshop Montage Projects

with Page Carr

Jan 29 - Feb 26 (No Class Feb 5 & Feb 19)

Sunday, 11am - 1:30pm

Look at works by historical and contemporary artists in photomontage for inspiration, and develop projects of your own with critiques. Students should have some experience using photoshop adjustment layers and masks.  Readings and illustrated notes will be provided.


More info:

Minimum age 17.  3 sessions.




Master Class with Dr. Flash

with Frank Van Riper

Feb 4 - Feb 15

Saturday, 10am - 1pm

Studio lighting with Frank Van Riper. Play with the big toys—studio strobe lights, umbrellas, etc., all supplied by instructor—to increase your skills with still-life, portraits and interiors. A followup to ‘Flash Photography Demystified.’  Skill level: intermediate/advanced.


More info:

Minimum age 18.  3 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)


The View Camera - Large Format Film Photography Workshop

Photoworks Faculty 

Feb 25 - 26

Saturday & Sunday 11am - 4pm

If you have ever wanted to unlock the mysteries of 4x5 or bigger large format film cameras, this workshop is for you which will blend classroom instruction and hands-on experience with both field and studio large format view cameras. We will explore the construction and function of view cameras including lenses, film holders, camera movements (tilt, rise, shift,) focusing, depth of field, needed gear, and various calculations to make proper exposures. Skill level: intermediate to advanced. Supplies needed: none! Unless you have your own large format camera!


More info: Peter Kozloski 

Minimum age 16. 2 sessions.


In Person (Masks and Vaccinations Required)