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END OF 2022

Dear Friends,


Reflecting on Photoworks accomplishments in 2022,  we celebrate that Photoworks is stronger than ever!  The pandemic tested our foundation and mission of 50 years at Glen Echo Park.  Visiting Photoworks today, whether to attend an exhibition, take a class, or practice your photo skills in darkroom or digital labs, you will notice a new energy and buzz surrounding our photography program that brings us all together.


Over the past two years, Washington’s area photography community, including Photoworks, sadly lost three of its greatest visual artists—Frank “Tico” Herrera, Mark Power, and Bruce Falkinburg.  Their robust knowledge and dedicated instruction of photographic processes and techniques created a lasting legacy at Photoworks, which continues through this day.


If you stepped through our doors this past year, you would have come upon a diverse group of photography enthusiasts of all ages and abilities, gathering together to learn darkroom basics or alternative processes, attending a workshop on studio lighting, participating in a youth summer camp program, learning the intricacies of Adobe Lightroom, or sharing their work with others for critiques.    


Visitors to the Photoworks gallery were greeted with stunning images created by talented amateur and professional photographers such as Amy Toensing, Bert Shankman, Shelby Swann, Kristian Whipple, Jennifer Sakai, Philip Taplin, our historical processes group, and our faculty to include Tico, Mark, and Bruce.


Additionally, Photoworks has continued to expand its reach outside of our walls.  We have created teaching and exhibition opportunities for local high school photography students, hosted the annual “Photo Slam” competition in collaboration with Focus on the Story, held free workshops on alternative printing processes during Glen Echo Park events, and continued to have a strong online presence featuring virtual exhibitions and artist talks.


As we plan for 2023 and beyond, we ask for your financial support as you consider year-end donations.  In order to expand our course offerings and programs, grow our faculty, stay technically strong in an ever-changing digital world, and exhibit the work of deserving artists, we depend on your financial assistance.  Your support makes a very real difference.  Contributions received before December 31, 2022 will be matched up to $5,000 by the Photoworks Board.  


Please enjoy this “2022—Year in Review”  video created by our Associate Director, Sophie McDowell. 



We look forward to seeing you at our Spring Gala to celebrate 50 years in existence!


Happy New Year from the Photoworks Board of Directors.


David Myers, Karen Keating, Amy Walker, Gayle Rothschild


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